Child Custody

Child custody is perhaps the most important and emotional issue decided in family law.  The custody of children is awarded either through the Domestic Relations Court (if the parties are married), or through Juvenile Court (if the parents are not married).

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Both the Domestic Relations Court and the Juvenile Court considers all the factors that are in the best interest of the child or children to analyze and decide which parent receives custody if the parties cannot decide themselves or agree upon a shared parenting plan. Dayton child custody attorney Helen Wallace can help!

All the factors that go into the best interest of the child or children analysis are contained in Ohio Revised Code Section 3109.04 (F) and are summarized below:

(a) The wishes of the child’s parents regarding the child’s care;
(b) If the court has interviewed the child in chambers pursuant to division (B) of this section regarding the child’s wishes and concerns as to the allocation of parental rights and responsibilities concerning the child, the wishes and concerns of the child, as expressed to the court;
(c) The child’s interaction and interrelationship with the child’s parents, siblings, and any other person who may significantly affect the child’s best interest;
(d) The child’s adjustment to the child’s home, school, and community;
(e) The mental and physical health of all persons involved in the situation;
(f) The parent more likely to honor and facilitate court-approved parenting time rights or visitation and companionship rights;
(g) Whether either parent has failed to make all child support payments, including all arrearages, that are required of that parent pursuant to a child support order under which that parent is an obligor;
(h) Whether either parent or any member of the household of either parent previously has been convicted of or pleaded guilty to any criminal offense involving any act that resulted in a child being an abused child or a neglected child;
(i) Whether the residential parent or one of the parents subject to a shared parenting decree has continuously and willfully denied the other parent’s right to parenting time in accordance with an order of the court;
(j) Whether either parent has established a residence, or is planning to establish a residence, outside this state.

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